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Study guide for jonah 1 by david guzik blue letter bible. The book of jonah gives no indication of his prophetic activity in the land of israel. The book of jonah is more than just a delightful story for children. Top 5 commentaries on the book of jonah ligonier ministries. Tell jonah s story and include background information that brings his story to life. Jonah s reluctance to bring that message mirrors the israelites equally stubborn disinterest in the relation of the assyrians to god. How to preach the story of jonah to teens healthfully.

A large fish vomiting up a man on the beach near nineveh would have captured the attention of ninevites because of dagan. You will also find options for commentaries on jonah that help pastors, teachers, and readers with application of the bible, commentaries that approach the scripture versebyverse, classic christian commentaries, and much more. A teaching outline for the book of jonah expository. That is the point of the book of jonah in the old testament. Key personalities include jonah, the captain and the ships crew and the people of nineveh. Professor settle listed several alleged inaccuracies contained in the book. Jonah verse by verse teaching through the book of jonah. Parables, however, are typically simple tales that make a single point, whereas the book of jonah is quite complex and teaches a multiplicity of themes. The book of jonah the main theme of the book of jonah is gods sovereignty over all people and his divine plan to extend his gift of mercy and salvation beyond israel to include the gentile nations.

Generation word bible teaching ministry enjoy fast paced verse by verse teaching of scripture with exegetical insight, historical information and relevant application for your spiritual growth. Not sure about you but, smelling as he probably did, i have a feeling that it wouldnt have taken him long to go run and. The life of jonah teaches us that what god desires is not always what we want. Perhaps the third quarter of the eighth century is the most likely date for the book, after the public ministries of amos and hosea and before the fall of samaria to assyria in 722721. Smith is senior pastor of the orchard evangelical free church in arlington heights, illinois, and teacher on unlocking the bible. Through jonah s decisions, actions, and thoughts, we gain the lessons of grace and purpose. Certainly, god desired jonah to proclaim a message to nineveh in the hopes that they would turn from their wicked ways. Through these pages we learn how to change our old programmed thinking and are given the tools to do it with. This is the teaching picture for jonah and the fish ot11l4tp. Full text in english of the book of jonah my jewish.

The greatest revival in history a study from the book of jonah no. The greatness of gods mercy a study from the book of jonah no. In his article, he attacked the book of jonah by stating. It concerns a disobedient prophet who rejected his divine commission, was cast overboard in a storm and swallowed by a great fish, rescued in a marvelous manner, and returned to his starting point. Nineveh was an enormously large city a three days walk across. The teachings of jonah was created from an early taped series of jonah s messages.

When the call of god came to him, jonah could not see beyond his own selfish desire for god to punish the assyrians. The book of jonah stands as an important link in the prophetic chain, giving readers a glimpse of christs death and resurrection hundreds of years before they actually occurred. Each chapter contains a different topic which makes it easy to focus on a particular area. Book of jonah read, study bible verses online bible study tools. He is the central figure of the book of jonah, in which he is called upon by god to travel to nineveh and warn its residents of impending divine wrath. Just print, color, cut, punch holes and then attach with a book ring or string. Sproul ligonier ministries ligonier ministries the teaching fellowship of r. Jonah is the book of the bible which perhaps has been criticized more than any other. This free, printable word tiles activity, based on the book of jonah, can remind children that even our enemies are valuable to god. Jonah is a prophet during the reign of king jeroboam ii. The simple, expansive story of jonah thin difference. Here is an outline of what i taught, it will need some adaptation to fit in your ministry. The book of jonah is a book of the neviim prophets in the hebrew bible.

Jonah 1 niv bible the word of the lord came to jonah son. The book of jonah is listed among the prophetic books of the bible for that is what. Like allegories, parables are also based on fictional and not historical characters. Studies in jonah publishers of bible teaching literature.

After jonah attempted to avoid preaching repentance to the. The lord had given a specific great fish a new task swallow jonah. The book of jonah is narrative history and a prophetic oracle. It tells of a hebrew prophet named jonah son of amittai who is sent by god to prophesy the destruction of nineveh but tries to escape the divine mission. Book of jonah overview insight for living ministries. The teachings of jonah is a literal road map on this journey we call life. Let me share with you seven great lessons from the book of jonah. The story of jonah can be found in the bible in the book of jonah.

It focuses on how a persons disobedience to god causes difficulty in the lives of others. Feb 11, 2012 dinosaurs and the bible debunking the 7 myths that deny biblical truth series duration. Use the bible story of jonah and the whale to teach. Jonah and the whalethe book of jonah sunday school. Although the book is written in the third person, the traditional view is that jonah is the author of the book, and there is no persuasive reason to theorize about an unknown author.

The purpose of this book is to show that god is a merciful and gracious god. Teach children ages 412 about who jonah really was. The book of jonah teaches that salvation is not by works, but by faith which leads to repentance. Read aloud or play on the computer for the children. In this sermon we will study the book of jonah and glean some general lessons from the book.

You will definitely want to share with your kids or the kids in your care the story of jonah. Not too long after the ministry of elijah and elisha, another prophet came onto the scene in the northern kingdom of israel during the rule of jeroboam ii 2 kings 14. Hopefully by the end of this study series you will see that it sheds great. A few highlights of the book that i found particularly interesting were on this perspective, meaning the story of jonah s life and the decisions made. This sermon deals with how the message of repentance can change hearts.

Beautifully balanced, deep and profound jonahs adventure opens a window into the heart of god. Unfortunately, many christians thoughtlessly cast aspersions upon this important book in the canon of scripture without realizing that they are playing into the hands of the critics and innocently becoming the dupes of the skeptics. T he book of jonah is an old testament story which tells about how the prophet jonah refused to follow the lord. Literary characteristics unlike most other prophetic parts of the ot, this book is a narrative account of a single prophetic mission. Even the truth of god pleases the human heart often only as long as the own importance can be stressed by it. He thought he could escape on a boat bound for tarshish, which was about a thousand miles in the wrong direction. For this reason alone, i would say this is a significant book. Like jonah, we need to respond to gods mercy in grateful obedience. As the rest of the book describes, god ruined jonah s plan of escape, rescued him from drowning using a large fish the hebrew word is generic for fish, rather than whale, recommissioned him for the task, and rebuked him for being disappointed when those in the city of ninevah ended up repenting of their sins.

When we left jonah at the end of chapter one it is fair to say he was in a slightly sticky situation. Jesus ministry to all the world demonstrated that god is concerned about more than his chosen people, as is true in the story of jonah. Now the word of the lord came to jonah the son of amittai. This little book therefore contains very practical lessons for every reader. Pastor tullian focuses on the gospel aspect of the jonah story. Jonahs own telling of the story after his return from nineveh. This lesson is based on the the first chapter of the book of jonah.

If you are not familiar with the story of jonahspend some time reading it. A fiveweek study through the story of the old testament prophet jonah. God does not desire that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance 1 tim 2. I began to see some big themes in jonah that i had missed before. With the digital file we provide, you are welcome to print out as many flip books as you need for you own family or church use. Here is an online version of the story geared toward preschoolers. Some explain that jonah is evidence that no one can escape the presence of god, even while trying to run from the almighty. The book of jonah demonstrates the sovereignty of the almighty as he employs his creation to accomplish the divine plan.

Best jonah commentaries updated for 2020 best bible. Below you will also find links to our free sunday school lessons based on the book of jonah. Despite the universal recognition of jonah as the man swallowed alive by a giant fish, few christians truly understand the storys details and spiritual meaning. Jonah comes from a dimension beyond our universe, a nonphysical dimension of light, color, and sound. May your response be guided by the account of this prophets failures, and may god sovereignly bless you as you deliver this book verse to verse to others. When we left jonah at the end of chapter two he had just been vomited back onto the land. The main part of the story is covered in these chapters and verses. Sovereignty is a problem for some christians in certain areas. To the secularist, this is nothing more than a ridiculous story of an impossible event.

Study scripture verses with commentary, concordances, and use highlighting, underlining, take notes in the bible. May 14, 2019 although this book is among the betterknown accounts in scripture, its meaning is not. It can be used in a homeschool setting, oneonone, or in. Feb 22, 2017 bible teaching from the book of jonah chapter 2. Jonah sermon lessons from the life of jonah proposition. Beautifully balanced, deep and profound jonah s adventure opens a window into the heart of god. This can be done straight out of the bible, or you can find a jonah and the whale book to read to them. Introduction jonah is the book of the bible which perhaps has been criticized more than any other. Jonah sermon sermon outline by kevin cauley on the life of jonah and those lessons from it that are profitable for us today date written. Jonah reminds christians of the extent to which god goes in pursuing us in our rebellion and in changing our hearts to honor and serve him. The book of jonah, therefore, is a statement made through the wonderful medium of the story of jonah of gods compassion even of a pagan people like the ninevites who were enemies of the jews. Sleeping christians stay away from the work of the lord jonah slept while there was a prayer meeting up on the deck. This page offers some hints for teaching this important bible story to children.

To the very young, this is nothing more than a fanciful tale of a strange event. The book of jonah is a subversive story about a rebellious prophet who despises his god for loving his enemies. Shop reflection 7 great lessons from the book of jonah. The book of jonah was likely written between 793 and 758 b. What is included reproducible book this book is great. The book of jonah recounts real events in the life and ministry of the prophet himself. In the new testament, no other old testament prophet is named by jesus more than the prophet jonah. Others believe jonah is read on yom kippur with the hope that listeners would learn from jonahs mistakes. Salvation is of the lord a study from the book of jonah no. The book ends with jonah brooding over nineveh, angry with god for the grace he gave to the people jonah so despises.

Jonah reminds christians of the extent to which god goes in pursuing us in our rebellion and in. Others believe jonah is read on yom kippur with the hope that listeners would learn from jonah s mistakes. Jonah slept in a place where he hoped no one would see him or disturb him. While jonah eventually departed and proclaimed gods message, the lesson of his story does not end there. Here are 10 valuable lessons gleaned from jonahs encounter with the great fish and the. If we in the church hope to impact our world for good, we must declare the lifechanging gospel of jesus christ. This course examines the events of the book of jonah, with an eye toward its ultimate prophetic significance. The book of jonah, one of the shortest texts in the bible, is often seen as a simple short story and it is this, but it is also something more. If this book does not teach the great doctrine of resurrection, then this most important doctrine of the christian faith is not illustrated by a book in the old testament. Ironically, the book of jonah is filled with irony, parody and exaggeration that are often overlooked by many interpreters. Unlike other old testament prophetic books, jonah is not a collection of the prophets oracles but. Jonah and the whale craft teaches a lesson on obedience directions you will definitely want to share with your kids or the kids in your care the story of jonah.

Like jonah, we are sometimes called to stand up for, or even preach, the gospel in uncomfortable circumstances. The little book of jonah illustrates and teaches the resurrection of the lord jesus. Jonah started out and made his way into the city the distance of one days walk, and proclaimed. His name was jonah son of amittai from gathhepher near. Purchase the jonah leader kit for small groups, or follow the directions for purchasing the personal use videos inside of the bible study book. Nov 21, 2012 although the book of jonah is not about world missions, the theme of gods mission to the world is definitely present in the book. Interestingly, the book of jonah consists of only 4 chapters, 48 verses, and just over 1,300 words. This bible study book is designed to be paired with teaching videos from priscilla shirer. One teacher of israel says the story of jonah is more about repentance than it is about the fish. Mar 16, 2019 written by the prophet jonah, son of amittai, around 785760 b. Many have questioned whether the book of jonah is historical. Jonah went at once to nineveh in accordance with the lords command. What is included reproducible book this book is great for young readers to follow along and read the story a. Through medium hossca harrison, jonah has come forth to assist in opening the heart, to bring a message of freedom, and to teach universal loving.

The book of jonah offers valuable lessons in regards to this fear and shows us how we can become the prophets we are called to be. Thats after the prophet elijah but before amos and hosea. Like jonah, we are often more concerned with our own comfort than with loving god and our neighbors as we should. While jonah eventually did what he was asked to do, the book closes with showing jonah as a bitter man. This pack comes with activities to teach young children about the bible story of jonah. Help kids of all ages learn about jonah with our printable flip book. Written by the prophet jonah, son of amittai, around 785760 b. One other obvious hyperbolic element in the book is the repentance of animals together with the ninevites, which influenced a number of scholars to challenge the historical level of the book. It merely begins with an instruction from god to go to nineveh and prophesy to its inhabitants.

Another proposal is that the book is a parable to teach believers not to be like jonah. The audience of the book of jonah was the people of israel and all future readers of the bible and, typically, prophets issued warnings or gave instructions to the people of israel. Sleeping christians like to hide out among the church jonah slept in a place where he could not help with the work that needed to be done. Through some supernatural events, god convinced him to obey and carry out the lords plan. As students study the book of jonah, they will learn valuable lessons that are relevant to their lives.

Book of jonah, the fifth of 12 old testament books that bear the names of the minor prophets, embraced in a single book, the twelve, in the jewish canon. For being only four chapters long, the book of jonah packs quite a punch. Jonah and the whale craft teaches a lesson on obedience. The book of jonah is an old testament story which tells about how the prophet jonah refused to follow the lord. The book of jonah may be studied for many reasons, but a chief reason is for what it teaches about gods sovereignty.

Why study the book of jonah with dr doug ingram youtube. Unfortunately, many christians thoughtlessly cast aspersions. It is incredible that one could be alive for three days in a fishs belly. Jonah with book summary versebyverse bible commentary. However, it is much easier to obey god and follow him than it is to go. Galyn wiemers teaches verse by verse through the book of matthew.

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