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If not, you can find them in the user manual or online, but you need to. Place colored dot stickers on the target where you think your drop dots line up. So we will base a simple process of target engagement around a 100yd zero for the listed target sizes. The above two targets are used to get a good zero for your typical bolt action hunting rifle. The shooter can employ all those plans for uncomplicated marksmanship, zeroing, and burden progress. The term minuteofangle moa is used regularly by target shooters at the range, but is probably understood, thoroughly, by few the same goes for mildots. All these targets will print better if you download them as. With the black x second focal plane riflescopes, it is. Magnified silhouette from the zero target above, with rings calibrated to nothing in particular.

A true rifleman will do everything they can to learn their scope, learn how they can get the best benefit from it, understand the workings of it and will also set it up correctly. To zero your rifle scope, head to your local gun range and mount your rifle in a rest. Holdover is very fast because the shooters eye never leaves his scope. These are used to adjust the position of the reticle and zero. Mrad adjustments with each click of the viper pst moving the pointofimpact. For both methods, it is important to use a solid support during the zeroing procedure. Our zeroing target helps you to zero your sight in a very easy way while youre at the shooting range.

Optical design engineered to give accurate rangefinding capability to within 1. The difference is similar to having miles per hour and kilometers per hour marked on the speedometer in a car. Parallax is a phenomenon that results when the target image does not quite fall on the same optical plane as the reticle within the scope. Rotate the knob until the zero mark lines up with the index line on the revolution scale underneath the turret knob. When the range is clear and its safe to shoot, take 35 shots at the bulls eye. In this case, all other variables being equal, a finer adjustment will provide an advantage on a smaller target for what its worth, my teams won the 2 of the past 3 years with a mix of 18 moa, 14 moa.

With each click of the viper pst moving the pointofimpact. After the first 3shot group, make adjustments to bring bullet. See the section on setting the crs stop and indexing elevation knob. Be sure that your target is level to aid in accurate sightin process. Jericho defense scope verification target instructions introduction. This is done by loosening the top three hex screws located in the knurling of your dial using the provided 2mm hex wrench. If you notice any shift, adjust the focus knob slightly until all shift is eliminated.

Nikon s proprietary fxmoa and fxmrad reticles were created expressly for the first focal plane optical system used in the black fx riflescope. Those objectives are manufactured for rifles with magnified optics with both mrad or moa improvements. Plaster, usa ret in a previous article i explained how to convert inches of bullet drop or wind drift into tenthsofamil, for use with the 0. Print your own sightin shooting targets printable targets.

After youve taken your shots, examine your shot grouping through the scope. There are simple yet different formulas for determining range with an moa reticle and with an mrad reticle. I would say most tactical competitive shooters run a 100yd zero, why i do not know but they do. The taller scope needs more down elevation to get on the zero target so there is. Push the cap straight down and avoid rotating while doing this.

Verify your true scope click values with tall target test. Storm tactical free downloads, targets, sniper rifle. Great for sighting in any rifle, pistol, shotgun, bow or air gun. Place the target at 25 yards, zero your optic so that your dot is on the colored bullseye and your hits are on the gray bullseye. Storm tactical miliradian target pack rifle range in meters 57 targets, 31 mb pdf file. Setting the zero stop to set your zero stop you will need to remove the elevation adjustment dial from your rifle scope. Images shown in this manual are for representation only. Use grid lines on target to center and level your crosshairs.

A longrange rifleman recently asked me to provide target knob settings so he. Target engagement and the milrad reticle range hotrange hot. The third target can also be used to see how well your scope resolves fine lines and detail. These targets are designed for rifles with magnified optics with either mrad or moa adjustments. Or, wait until the range is cold and take the target down. Scopetesting targets click image to view fullsize, printable target. Start sightin process from 25 yards, from solid rest fire 3shot group, ensuring that you fire at same spot each time. Click values may be calibrated in either minutes of angle moa or milliradians mil or mrad.

While a scope may have listed click values of 14moa, 18moa or 0. How to zero a scope and rifle for long range shooting. Aimpoint sights are easy to zero and there are two different ways to zero your sight. Parallax is a phenomenon that results when the target image does not quite fall on. The better your scope, the finer the lines it will resolve. Jericho defense scope verification target instruction1. You dont need a computer or a degree in physics to compute your own tables. Printable targets print your own sightin shooting targets.

Bring some sightin targets that incorporate 1 squares, a ruler or measuring tape, a calculator theres one in your cell phone already, binoculars or a spotting scope if you have one, and a method of fully supporting your rifle. All riflescope reticles can be termed first focal plane ffp. Scope sku 04177635 bullet speed fs2550 ballistic coef. At 100 meters, four clicks will move the pointofimpact four centimeters. Storm tactical miliradian target pack rifle range in yards 174 targets, 98 mb pdf file storm tactical miliradian target pack rifle range in meters.

Free downloadable targets for 6mm br norma and 6br. Right click the link below, then save target as and download to your hard drive. The number of mrads to correct is then multiplied by ten if the scope has 0. Then you should verify the actual click value of the turrets before you use the optic in competition or on a longrange hunt. Scope university is in session, were going to teach you to zero like a.

The first target is ideal for zeroing your scope at 100 yards, and then doing a. It does, however, impact the ease with which a sportsman can use it. When properly set, the target image should be sharp and crisp. Ultra high power sporting scope, designed for precision target competition. Since the shooter knows this, he aims what he reckons to be that height 35.

Illuminated reticle models with sidemounted control offer 10. Parallax is a phenomenon that results when the target image. A very good allpurpose target for scopes and open sights. It has a 1 red dot in the center of the target with a 1 x 1 square grid. How to zero a riflescope for shooting, target or hunting. Try to make this adjustment quickly, as the eye will try to. Then go back to your scope to verify that the drop dots align with the dot stickers. The focus is correct if there is no apparent shift of the reticle on the target. The difference of whether the angular measurement of a scope is in mrad or moa doesnt impact the quality of the scope. How to use milliradianadjustable scopes outdoorhub. Nikon black riflescopes with xmoa and xmrad reticles.

Binocular riflescope instruction manual sightron inc. The orange 2 x 2 squares near the corners allow you to narrow down the zero when starting out or to double check your adjustments afterwards. The grid size is ideal for making adjustments to obtain a good zero. Zeroing of reddots, holoscopes, and other low magnification optics at short distance. The same target used by the military to zero the m4. Grid sightin target with leftright and updown numbered lines. Hsc computerprintable targets honeywell sportsman club. The same target used by the military to zero the m16 rifle. All free printable targets are available in gif graphic andor pdf format.

Remember, we are breaking up the space between the centers of the reticle to. Bring some sightin targets that incorporate 1 squares, a ruler or. If the shot was a miss, the mrad reticle can simply be used as a ruler to count the number of mrads the shot was off target. Each reticle is designed to optimize the sight picture and provide the tools necessary for ranging, holdover and windage corrections. Calibrated for 12 moa adjustments per click instructions.

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