Adiabatic quantum computation in open systems software

Adiabatic topological quantum computingjournal article. The same applies here processes in closed and open systems can be approximated to be adiabatic. His thesis work was on the nonequilibrium dynamics of open quantum systems. Frank, reversible computing and truly adiabatic circuits.

We start with a brief overview of adiabatic quantum computing. Curated list of open source quantum software projects. To this end, we introduce an inherently open systems approach, based on a recent generalization of the. Adiabatic quantum computing an adiabatic quantum computer maintains a system of qubits in the ground state of a slowly adiabatically varying hamiltonian. We develop protocols that enable universal quantum computing by adiabatic evolution in a way that keeps the energy gap of the system constant with respect to the computation size and introduces only simple local hamiltonian interactions. In the training phase we identify an optimal set of weak classifiers, to form a single strong classifier. Controversial quantum computer beats factoring record. Question about tunneling diagram in adiabatic quantum. In the testing phase we adiabatically evolve one or more. Virtual hardware embedding suite for adiabatic quantum computing. The adiabatic quantum computer is an interesting concept that seems to have gathered quite an underground following in the solidstate physics community over recent years.

In this paper we study quantum computation from a complexity theoretic viewpoint. We attended the adiabatic quantum computing conference aqc held at the nasa ames research center on june 2528. Quantum molecular dynamics qmd is a widely used simulation method to study the dynamic behavior of materials. Adiabatic quantum computing conference quantum computing. We analyze the performance of adiabatic quantum computation aqc subject to decoherence.

The two models are polynomially equivalent, but otherwise quite dissimilar. How does adiabatic quantum computation work in laymans. Adiabatic quantum computation adiabatic quantum computation, as proposed by farhi et al. Yet, i do not quite understand the tunneling effect in the context of adiabatic quantum computation, where the system starts at the ground state of an hamiltonian and by evolving slow enough, it remains with high probability at the ground state of the time dependent. The software comes in diverse forms, implemented in different programming languages, each with their own vocabulary, or occasionally even defining a domainspecific programming language. Qutip userfriendly and efficient numerical simulations of a wide variety of open quantum systems. Eclipse science and open source software for quantum computing. Developing largescale quantum computation requires the. This unusual computing platform is manufactured by dwave systems, burnaby, canada. List of open quantum projects quantum open source foundation. Adiabatic quantum computing has been shown to be polynomially equivalent to conventional quantum computing in the circuit model. The initial hamiltonian is a hamiltonian with an easy to construct or known ground state. Experimental evaluation of an adiabiatic quantum system. A demonstration of quantum logic gates based on geometric phases could enable quantum computing in noisy experimental conditions.

Qiskit is an opensource framework for quantum computing. Our first result is the existence of an efficient universal quantum turing machine in deutschs model of a quantum turing machine qtm proc. Qmd follows the trajectories of each atom in a system, while computing interatomic forces quantum mechanically within the framework of density functional theory dft. Scientific computing and data mining are important tools that help us better understand nature and develop novel solutions to pressing problems in energy, health, logistics, and finance. Testing adiabatic quantum computers using simple quantum. A selfcontained treatment of the fundamentals of quantum computing this clear, practical book takes quantum computing out of the realm of theoretical physics and teaches the fundamentals of the field to students and professionals who have not had training in quantum computing or quantum information theory, including computer scientists, programmers, electrical engineers, mathematicians. We describe an inherent robustness of adiabatic computation against two kinds of errors, unitary control errors and decoherence, and we study this robustness using numerical simulations of the algorithm. Adiabatic computing has been used to factorise a larger number than any previous quantum computer, but is the method truly quantum. At time, the quantum mechanical system is described by a hamiltonian, whose eigenstates are easy to compute. This approach consists of two quantum phases, with some amount of classical preprocessing to set up the quantum problems. Can adiabatic process be done in closed or open system. An example of a ground state in a 4 qubit system that does not represent a. Pdf adiabatic quantum computing aqc is a relatively new subject in the world of quantum. To this end, we introduce an inherently opensystems approach, based on a recent generalization of the.

We develop an approach to machine learning and anomaly detection via quantum adiabatic evolution. When diabatic trumps adiabatic in quantum optimization, by s. Adiabatic quantum computing aqc, henceforth is a fundamentally different paradigm to the quantum circuit or gat. Eclipse science and open source software for quantum computing introduction. To this end, we introduce an inherently opensystems approach, based on a recent generalization of the adiabatic approximation. The conference showed continued progress in the technological and had a total of 223 registrants from around the world in attendance. Lidarprobing for quantum speedup in spin glass problems with planted solutions, phys. Adiabatic quantum computing aqc started as an approach to solving optimization problems, and has evolved into an important universal alternative to the standard circuit model of quantum computing, with deep connections to both classical and quantum complexity theory and condensed matter physics. Adiabatic quantum computation is equivalent to standard.

There were several significant ideas presented that will extend and enhance the capabilities of future adiabatic quantum computers this surely bodes well for success in the years ahead. An overview charles epstein quantum complexity theory 6. Quantum complexity theory siam journal on computing. It provides tools for creating and manipulating quantum programs and running them on prototype. From what i understood, there seems to be a difference between quantum annealing and adiabatic quantum computation models but the only thing i found on this subject implies some strange results see below. At a high level, this paradigm uses a phenomenon from quantum. We analyze the performance of adiabatic quantum computation aqc under the effect of decoherence. Parallel timedependent open quantum systems solver. Mirror of the curated list of open source developed quantum software projects hosted on. Mirror of the curated list of open source developed quantum software projects hosted on qosfs github page.

We will discuss this mechanism of sb using the simulation results of a simple example instead of giving a mathematically rigorous proof of the operational. The 2017 adiabatic quantum computing conference will be held in japan. Michael p frank center for computing research sandia. Combinatorial optimization by simulating adiabatic.

In quantum annealing adiabatic quantum computation, tunneling is utilized as a quantum effect to settle at the ground state. Moreover, even going beyond the strict boundaries of aqc e. If youve read this answer before, youll notice that ive done a complete rewrite of it. Solutionforquantumcomputationandquantuminformation. What is the difference between quantum annealing and. The process involves nbinaryvalued particles that can interact to in.

This textbook presents the elementary aspects of quantum computing in a mathematical form. This allows one to perform holonomic quantum computing with these topological quantum computing systems. The software comes in diverse forms, implemented in different pro. Pdf open source software in quantum computing researchgate. Virtual hardware embedding virtual hardware embedding suite for adiabatic quantum computing. He then became a postdoctoral researcher in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at the university of maryland where he worked on adiabatic quantum computing and stochastic thermodynamics. Adiabatic quantum computation aqc is an alternative to the betterknown gate model of quantum computation. While quantum adiabatic optimization is based on the quantum adiabatic theorem 37, 38, sb is based on adiabatic and chaotic ergodic evolutions of classical nonlinear hamiltonian systems. Curated list of opensource quantum software projects. Open source software in quantum computing covers all paradigms and all stages of expressing a quantum algorithm. Many of the tools are backed by major commercial vendors with the goal to make it. Dwave terms the device a 16qubit superconducting adiabatic quantum computer processor. Experimental evaluation of an adiabatic quantum computer for combinatorial optimization i will describe experiments to evaluate the performance of a quantum computing system hardware plus software, for solving combinatorial optimization problems.

Dwave was the worlds first company to sell computers to exploit quantum effects in their operation. In the literal sense no but in science many real life processes are approximated to give an overall meaning to analyze it. The next great challenge for digital engineering, invited talk presented at the fifth ieee dallas circuits and systems workshop on design, applications, integration and software dcas06, held oct. A related ground state embedding approach was independently pursued in. Outline quantum computation and hamiltonian dynamics. Adiabatic quantum computing conference 2016 youtube. The time complexity for an adiabatic algorithm is the time taken to complete the adiabatic evolution which is dependent on the gap in the energy eigenvalues spectral gap of the hamiltonian. Open source software is becoming crucial in the design and testing of quantum algorithms.

Adiabatic quantum computation is an alternative approach to quantum computation based on the time evolution of a quantum system. Many of the tools are backed by major commercial vendors with the goal to make it easier to develop quantum software. Adiabatic quantum computation in open systems arxiv. Qmasm fills a gap in the software ecosystem for dwaves adiabatic quantum computers by shielding the programmer from having to know system specific hardware details while still enabling programs to be expressed at a fairly low level of abstraction. We describe an efficient adiabatic simulation of any given quantum algorithm, which implies that the adiabatic computation model and the conventional quantum computation model are polynomially equivalent. A digitized approach to adiabatic quantum computing, combining the generality of the adiabatic algorithm with the universality of the digital method, is. Open source software in quantum computing covers all paradigms and all stages of express ing a quantum algorithm. We study the fault tolerance of quantum computation by adiabatic evolution, a quantum algorithm for solving various combinatorial search problems.

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