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The general food law regulation establishes the principle of risk analysis in relation to food and feed and establishes the structures and mechanisms for the scientific and technical evaluations, which are undertaken by the european food safety authority efsa. The european food law development can be divided into two main phases. This book reports on a legal research into the question if there is a. The harmonization on european level of the legislation on food contact materials fulfills two essential goals. The basic food law in hong kong is laid down in part v of the public health and municipal services ordinance cap. This contribution lays bare the structure of eu food law as it. As flavourings are used in food, they are also covered by this legislation. Bse crisis marked a turning point in consumer protection. Sources and scope of european union law the european union has legal personality and as such its own legal order which is separate from international law. European law needs to include the safety rules and marketing rules of insectbased food and feed. Food law development th e production and consumption of food is central to any society and has very strong economic implications. European food law has been influenced by the formation of the european economic community and later the european union. International food law and policy is the first interdisciplinary piece of.

The eus legislation and policy on gmos, based on the precautionary principle enshrined in eu and international legislation, is designed to prevent. Food safety the european unions food safety policy aims to protect consumers, while guaranteeing the smooth operation of the single market. European citizens need to have access to safe and wholesome food of highest standards. Klausdieter borchardt examines the roots of the european project and its development as a legal order, and is a definitive reference work on the subject. Organic production and food remain topics of major interest, and the journal includes two pieces dealing with this, an analysis of regulationeu2018848 on organic food, and a look at the impact of food legislation on sustainability. Food safety laws in the latter half of the twentieth century focused on developing a common market, but with the introduction of the general food law in 2002, the focus shifted to assuring high levels of food safety. It is intended for interested readers who would like an initial insight into the structure of the union and the supporting pillars of the european legal order. It is the most important production sector, but its competitiveness and innovativeness are under pressure. The main provisions cover general protection for food purchasers, offences in connection with sale of unfit food and adulterated food, composition and labelling of food, food hygiene, seizure and destruction of unfit food.

Eu food law handbook european institute for food law. History of uk food law food science and technology. The united kingdom submitted on 29 march 2017 the notification of its. The reconfiguration of european food safety regulation in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, the european union was struck by several food scandals. The european union approved the general food law regulation in 2002 regulation ec no 1782002, which created new laws on safety, traceability, withdrawal and recall requirements. Pdf this contribution lays bare the structure of eu food law as it appears from scholarly analysis at wageningen university in the netherlands. The structure of food law generally, food law may be divided in two parts. Pdf the structure of european food law researchgate. Food legislation guidelines centre for food safety. Convergence to a single model of food safety regulation is, however, unlikely. Latvian government to discuss vat cut on food products. German lab that contributed to eu glyphosate assessment shut down. The sections are grouped by continents and focus on a range of crossdisciplinary subjects, such as public health.

General food law food safety european commission europa. The act itself sets out broad principles, while regulations contain detailed. Eu food law handbook european institute for food law series. The general food law created a european food safety system in which responsibility for risk assessment science and for risk management policy are kept separate. International food law and policy gabriela steier springer.

The eu food law handbook is produced in cooperation with the european institute for food law. A series of food incidents in late 1990s draw attention to the need to establish general principles and requirements concerning food and feed law at union level. In fact, the food and drink industry is a leading industrial sector in the eu with an. This overview covers the main european commission ec and domestic legislation on the following areas.

Luxembourg is making the colourcoded nutriscore logo its official, albeit voluntary nutrition label, following neighbouring france, where it was developed, belgium and germany. Pdf download foundations of eu food law and policy. Feb 07, 2017 best pdf foundations of eu food law and policy. Efsa is responsible for the former area, and also has a duty to communicate its scientific findings to the public. Whether you work in a food business or you are a consumer interested in food law, there are general requirements which you need to be aware of. We have summarised the wording of the legislation referred to, so please use this as a general. Ensuring the effective functioning of the internal market. Dec 23, 2016 regulation ec1782002 general food law is the harmonized regulation which sets out the general principles and requirements of eu harmonized food law. Food law general principles food safety european commission. Poland food and agricultural import regulations and standards. Safetyauthorityand laying down procedures in matters of food safety the european parliament and the council of the european union, having regard to the treaty establishing the european community,andinparticulararticles37,95,3andarticle 1524b thereof, having regard to the proposal from the commission1. May 07, 2020 online education in food laws and regulations. Furthermore, eu law has direct or indirect effect on the laws of its member states and becomes part of the legal system of each member state.

The food sector is the third most regulated industry in the eu. Reconsidering the general food law european parliament. International food law and policy is the first interdisciplinary piece of academic literature of its kind with a comprehensive, readerfriendly approach to teaching the major aspects of food regulation, law, policy, food safety and environmental sustainability in a global context. Exporters should be aware that there may also be some variation among member states in applying eu harmonized legislation, however, most of the regulations relevant to food and. The reports provide a compendium of uk food and feed law of interest to the government chemist, public analysts and those working primarily in food and feed. Role of selfregulation in the foodstuffs sector 15 5.

It is relevant for practitioners and academics both with and without a background in law. Our our current understanding of the structur e of eu food law is presented in graphic form in the next section. The consumer, food safety and health protection 10 part ii simplification and rationalisation of community food law 12 1. Ten years of the european food safety authority alberto alemanno download onlineclick here. The aim of the general food law regulation is to ensure that all food placed in the european union market is safe. Regulation ec no 1782002 of the european parliament and of the council of 28 january 2002 laying down the general principles and requirements of food law, establishing the european food safety authority and laying down procedures in matters of food safety chapter i scope and definitions article 1 aim and scope article 2 definition of food. Food colours are food additives which are added to foods mainly for the following reasons. Informationdomination in the european food industry. Dating from 2003, the policy centres on the concept of traceability both of inputs e.

European commission brussels, 1 february 2018 the united. Horizontal or vertical approaches to food law 16 6. The reformed novel food regulation regulation eu no 20152283, including its transition period, should treat entrepreneurs equally. Food safety law in the european union 20042 and european food law handbook 2008. In order for the uk to enforce this new regulation, the general food regulation 2004 was enacted, which even changed the definition of food as originally presented. The twentyfirst century has witnessed a fundamental reform of food law in the european union, to the point where modern eu food law has now come of age. Secondary legislation which includes regulations, directives and decisions are derived from the principles and objectives set out in the treaties. Safety law in the european union 2004 6 and european food law handbook 2008 3. The institute for food laws and regulations iflr at michigan state university offers food law courses taught online by an international network of food science, academic, and legal professionals, who understand the complex nature of food laws and how they impact the flow of food and agricultural products across national boundaries. Food colours are contained in many foods, including snack foods, margarine. Request pdf on dec 30, 2016, luis gonzalezvaque and others published european and global food law find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. The european union eu has in place a comprehensive and strict legal regime on genetically modified organisms gmos, food and feed made from gmos, and foodfeed consisting or containing gmos.

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